VA House is a small VA company that’s based in the Philippines. We cater to small businesses looking for one, two, or a team of VAs to perform various tasks for their business. While it’s not easy to find a client, especially those looking for just 1 or 2 VAs thinking they don’t really need an agency to find one that will fit their needs, we want businesses to understand what we are really about. 

What we can do for your business

Working with an agency has lots of pros and cons. But we want to focus on our Pros and make that stronger. VA House is not just an ordinary agency, my partner and I built it with a mission to become more of a community of quality VAs that can help your business grow. 

What does this mean? 

We are in contact with a lot of VAs both experienced, and skilled but with little experience working from home. We want to attract VAs that want to start their career working from home using their skills and then we help them add more to that. So we want to attract clients who also care about what our cause is for our VAs. We want to help them be part of a family that will continuously help them become rockstars that businesses need! 

In return, we promise our clients that we will do everything we can, as a team, so they can find the perfect VA to help them in their day to day operations. 

What we can do for our VAs

We understand that not everyone can have the skills that our clients ask for, at least not for a while. Because VA House has a wide variety of experiences working from home and doing all types of tasks for clients overseas. And we want to share how we’ve been so successful this past decade. We believe that our VAs can find a client who will help them become a success working from home. We want to provide competitive salaries that will help them live a better life because they worked hard for it. 

We’ll provide guidance and training to VAs who are willing to learn and be better at what they do. We’re that type of workplace who cares about our employees as much as our clients. We are striving for a high level of work culture that benefits everyone. 

Overall, we just want to create a healthy environment for both our clients and VAs to make work effective, efficient, and enjoyable for both parties. So work with VA House today! 

Photo by Bayu jefri from Pexels