We’ve recently received a volume of applicants who really want to start a career as a VA. Most candidates who reach out to us don’t have virtual assistance experience, and that’s totally fine because everyone starts somewhere and we want VA House to be the right place for you. We’ve been thinking of ways on how to best educate people who want to work from home. And while there’s no one way to do it, I remember doing all sorts of free online courses to help me. 

If you are looking for ways on how to develop or hone your VA skills to prepare you for your coming job, then signing up for Alison is a good start. They have a huge list of free courses that you can take to learn more about the tools that most clients require from a VA. 

Start Here

We went ahead and created a list of courses that you can start on today. Some are short, and some are long. It’s not a race, but if you can set a time everyday to move along your modules, then it will greatly help your chances of landing a client. 

Here are the links:

Data Entry and Word Processing

Improve your typing skills, Microsoft Word and Excel knowledge with these courses: 

CRM Systems

Clients would always ask if you have CRM experience, if you’re not confident what a CRM is and you want to learn, this course will help. 

Admin Tasks 

Want to learn more about what the clients would likely ask from you? This course will teach the importance of how your job can support the business, and how you can be the best option. 

Develop Your Soft Skills

How you interact and present yourself to clients in a professional way is one of the most sought after qualities that clients look for. These courses will explain the importance and teach you qualities on how to work well with clients.

Creating Your Alison Account

To get access to these free courses, all you have to do is sign up using Google, Facebook, Yahoo, Microsoft,  LinkedIn or your email. 

Just fill up the necessary details required and then start adding those courses to your dashboard. Once you “Start a Course”, it will automatically be added to your Dashboard where you can always go back and start where you left off. 

Have fun learning! Let us know if you have any questions. 

Photo by JESHOOTS.COM on Unsplash