2020 was indeed filled with alot of changes both negative and positive. For me it was a realization that I need to adapt and re-strategize to the trying times.

The traditional way of life just won’t cut it. We needed to keep ourselves safe from the dreaded virus. Things had to change, we need to be indoors more often than we used to, we had to be more cautious of our surroundings, give more attention to sanitizing ourselves to keep our families safe.

These changes drilled a new hole in our budget as prices went up for both essentials and non-essentials.  A Lot of businesses were closing down due to the pandemic thus resulting in an enormous hike on the non-employment sector.

With all of these happening, we needed to help out! We need to help people get jobs to alleviate the financial crisis. 

One gloomy afternoon of December 2020, I was lost in these thoughts. I wanted to help people out but I don’t know where to begin. I know for a fact that I have the skills needed to make it happen, I just didn’t know where to start to get the ball rolling. Then came along Jan, she opened up an idea, an opportunity to put all my energy to make my dreams of helping people out into a reality, with the support of my fiancé we all came together and built VA House PH.

A virtual assistant company centered in helping people who are like me – lost in deep thoughts and wanted to do better in life. A group where innovative solutions and passion are knitted to well strategized plans and executed accordingly to create the best experience for both our clients and our teammates. A group where you are not respected by rank but rather by your deeds, a group where we treat each other as equals.

Since the inception of the company, we immediately hopped on to it not wasting any time.  We worked with businesses around the globe. I myself am not just a leader of the group, I also work for the group as a project management specialist focusing on lead sourcing and converting leads to sales and I can strongly say I am fully satisfied with the efforts I am putting in; it is truly rewarding seeing people are able to get help in making their business reach new heights in these hard times.      

To business owners out there looking for passionate people who would help nurture your business to help you and your team reach its full potential.  We are here to help!

To people looking for an opportunity to better themselves and reach your optimum capabilities but don’t know where to start, we are here for you! We’re just one email away!

Photo by Jesus Fodulla on Unsplash